COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Policy
We take the health and safety of our community very seriously, and while we are in uncertain times, we do ask for your cooperation with keeping our space a safe space for everyone. As a registered 501-c3, we must comply with local mandates. Our policy is aligned with local and state requirements. We ask for your kindness and cooperation in this.

For Co-Op

Masks are required for adults as they move around the space, but can be removed in the lounge area, and can be removed when doing table work with your own children during open classroom times. Masks for children are optional. We ask for your kindness and cooperation if any part of this policy needs to be changed due to an immunocompromised child, or safety concerns arise. We will be keeping group sizes small for topic gatherings for co-op to keep this flexibility possible for the time being, and ask that families are diligent about sanitizing areas they work at, and keep children home at any sign of illness including cough, fever, or runny nose.

For Scouts
Masks by adults are required if you are entering the building. If you are dropping off at the door, no need for a mask. If you come in and want to sit in the lounge during meetings, please wear a mask until you take a seat. We gently encourage the children to stay masked for the hour they’re with us. We work very gently with this requirement if it's mandated and make sure they are comfortable. They may also take a step away if they need a moment mask free. If masking inside buildings is no longer required, we seek the cooperation to allow masking to be optional for children. We will inform all the parents at that time. When we are outside and in nature, masks for everyone are optional.

Upon entry into our space, we will ask you to remove your shoes at the door. You may bring slippers to wear in the space, absolutely! As soon as you and your child enter, please wash your hands or use sanitizer. We will be taking breaks throughout the day to sanitize and to wipe down surfaces in between activity and group changes.

Folksy Scouts is a drop-off program.  Parents are always welcome to wait in the lounge area if they wish, or you may leave and come back if your child is comfortable. Co-op is an optional drop-off, but we ask parents be responsible for their children during community lunches and down time in between topic gatherings.