How much does everything cost?

Folksy Scouts has a $50 Annual Fee for each scout. Each scout is also responsible for a $48 monthly fee to cover weekly activity costs and materials. We offer a 10% discount if you are able to pay for the yearly cost up front. There are also additional costs with the uniform, patches, and fundraising requirements. Other expenses will include the patch kit purchased in early spring, the year end camping trip, and scouts are expected to help with fundraisers.

The Folksy Co-op is $195/single child per topic gathering, or $250/family per topic gathering. There are also a variety of drop-in classes that you can easily stay for after gatherings in enrichment topics These are $10 a child, and a graduated rate for families ($10 for first child, $8 for second child, $6 for third and any after).

do parents attend the folksy scout meetings? the co-op?

For our scout troop meetings - we recommend dropping your child off about 5 minutes before the meeting start time. Parents are encouraged to let their child experience scouts on their own. We have 2 parent leaders at each meeting and you are welcome to wait in our lounge area.

For co-op we ask that children are left with the instructors during class topic gatherings. Parents can wait in the lounge during these times, or leave. During community lunch, mid-day nature play, or open classroom times, parents are with their children.

what is the age range for scouts and co-op?

Folksy Scouts is for ages 4-10, and the scouts junior leadership program is for ages 11-17. Our homeschool co-op is similar, with some flexibility for families. We ask that young children stay supervised by parents during class gatherings by staying in the lounge area and not interrupting work . If there is a child older than 10 in your family, it's possible they can attend the gatherings if you feel like they would benefit from the subject material level or exploration.

do scouts wear uniforms? 

Yes. All scouts receive a t-shirt as part of their annual fee. All scouts are also required to purchase either a female ($60) or male uniform (from $40). ALso required are brown shoes, white socks or tights, and white long-sleeved shirts for under dresses in colder months.

is there a difference in any of the troop gatherings?

No, other than who is leading. All our troop gatherings follow the same rhythm, and complete the same foundational activity every week.

what if a scout misses a bunch of meetings? 

We will check in with you after 2 missed meetings, and after 4 we may ask you to surrender your spot on the troop for a child on the waitlist.

If you need to miss a meeting one week due to an unavoidable event, you may be able to attend a different troop meeting that week with advance notice. If you don't ask to be moved, and miss all the meetings, you may also complete a home project equivalency form to receive credit for the activity.