Want to be a Junior Folksy Leader? 

If a child is over the age of ten, but would still like to participate in Folksy Scouts, the foundations, and the patch program, they may do so by applying to be a Folksy Scout Junior Leader. Junior leaders are assigned to a troop and leader-mentors, and from there they participate in all the Folksy Foundation activities, with the added responsibility of helping leaders at meetings, guiding younger scouts, and creating a special project of their choice for the year.

What is Folksy looking for in a Junior Leader?

A Folksy Scout junior leader should demonstrate an interest in leadership, a desire to help and work alongside children younger than themselves, and a connection to community involvement and betterment. These Junior Leaders would be described as: 

  • Responsible
  • Trustworthy 
  • Respectful 
  • Helpful 
  • Engaged 
  • Motivated

We’re looking for junior leaders who are kind, patient, and eager to be a part of our community. They can follow directions from an adult, capable of helping with tasks such as cleaning, washing dishes, tidying up, or engaging with younger children, in addition to their participation in the foundation activity. 

To apply to be a Junior Leader, please email a copy of a letter of recommendation to kati@folksyscouts.org along with a personal statement of why you would like to be a Junior Leader and two troop times you would be available.  The board will review all applications and reach out to applicants regarding the status of their application. While Junior Leaders are volunteering their time to assist during their assigned troop meeting, they also participate fully in all activities and fundraisers and are eligible to earn patches.  Junior Leaders must pay a registration and supply fee, along with a reduced monthly participation cost of $24/month.  Accepted Junior Leaders will be provided a registration link and instructions from the Folksy Scouts Board of Directors.

Required Prerequisites:

Letter of Recommendation from a non-family member 

Recommended Prerequisites:

  • Red Cross Babysitting Course 
  • An understanding of first aid