Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Give children the tools to find joy, inspiration, and belonging in their everyday lives, and they’ll grow up as well-balanced, intrinsically motivated humans.  Through slowness rooted in practical and meaningful skill building and child-led nature-play, children experience the beauty of the ordinary and learn to flourish in their social, emotional and intellectual environments. We believe kind and community-oriented individuals are cultivated from spaces that nurture such values and allow them to grow. Finding magic throughout each minute of the day is our guiding light.

Foundations of Learning

1. Learning for Love
2. Handwork for Joy
3. Cooking & Preservation for Nourishment
4. Gardening for Peace
5. Nature Exploration for Transcendence 
6. Project Development for Curiosity
7. Teamwork for Connection
8. Kindness & Respect for Community

Foundation Work Cycles

Hands, Heart, Head

Work is referring to accomplishment towards a task with sustained focus and effort. There is one work cycle a day that focuses on a foundation.

... work with our hands. With natural materials or edible goods to experience the satisfaction of creating something from nothing.

...work for our souls, such as exploring nature, demonstrating kindness, or experiencing something that makes us feel joy and happiness

... work with our minds to learn something new, develop an idea, or pursue a team project.