FALL 2022



Rainbow Sensory  - Camp Full

6/13 - 6/17 - 10am - noon

Age 4-10

Bubbles, foam, ice, rice, playdough and more! Make a rainbow suncatcher. Campers will explore rainbows through all the senses from their eyes to their toes!

Fun in the Sun  - Camp Full

6/20 - 6/24  - 10am - noon

Age 4-10

A week of outdoor, water-centered fun! Frozen block excavations, slip-n-slides, homemade popsicles, pool-noodle marble, and sailboat races- what a great start to summer!

Camping Week - Camp Full

Email kati@folksyscouts.org to put your name on the waitlist

6/27 - 7/1  - 10am - noon

Age 4-10

For those campers who love to…well, camp! We’ll learn about survivalist basics like fire starting, pitching a tent, creating a map of your surroundings, learn a card game, how to tie a basic knot, engage in storytelling and first aid.

Plants & Potions - Camp Full

Email kati@folksyscouts.org to put your name on the waitlist

7/11 - 7/15  - 10am - noon

Age 4-10

Learn how to identify and gather garden-common herbs and botanicals. Try out sun-drying, tea blend making, and mortar and pestle techniques. Learn about magical color-changing tea. At the end of the week, campers will name their special potions and identify their uses!

Garden & Flowers  - Camp Full

7/18 - 7/22  - 10am - noon

Age 4-10

Come explore the Folksy Garden, help us care and tend to it and harvest some treasures for special uses. We’ll cut fresh flowers for someone special and learn how to properly trim and arrange. We’ll look at composting and the special power of worms! Learn about garden plotting, what it takes to make a garden, and be rewarded with plenty of tastes and treasures!

Art & Creation - Camp Full

Email kati@folksyscouts.org to put your name on the waitlist

8/1 - 8/5  - 10am - noon

Age 4-10

Campers will paint, draw, play with a variety of fibers, and handwork. We’ll weave butterflies, extract paint from nature to make a masterpiece, create with clay, and explore mediums beyond what you can find in the store.

Storytelling & Theatre - Camp Full

Email kati@folksyscouts.org to put your name on the waitlist

8/8 - 8/12  - 10am - noon

Age 4-10

Have you ever wanted to perform, or support someone else who is performing? The art of storytelling can be beautiful to both watch and perform. Help us create a makeshift outdoor theatre, choose a role, rehearse a short play, gather costumes, and perform for family at the end of the week!

Folksy in the Forest

Age 4-11

Runs weekly from 1pm - 3pm

Come along for our fun forest school adventure! You'll help us create basecamps and learn basic survivalist skills such as first aid, fire starting, and outdoor safety. We'll be spending the afternoon in child-directed play and exploration and creating projects based on nature discoveries and curiosities! Children must come to Forest Camp ready to be outdoors for 2-hours with appropriate clothing or gear for the weather and have a disposition that follows instructions and leadership easily.

*Folksy in the Forest meets at The Folksy House, then hikes to our basecamp area. It's a short stroll down the sidewalk, 3 neighbors over to the Roots of the Future Montessori campus. They generously allow us to utilize their 7-acres of trails, forest, and clearings. Campers will hike back to The Folksy House for pick-up at 3:00pm.

June 13 - 17:
The Magic of Nature: we will explore why nature makes us feel happy, calm, and connected! We’ll find different ways nature creates magic and how we can always find joy outdoors.

June 20-24
Song of the Bird: Let’s pick up some binoculars and go birding! We’ll look at our local birds, their songs and calls, create art..and be on the lookout for their treetop dwellings!

June 27-July 1
The Heart of Fire: we will learn how to build, start, and maintain a small fire at different age-appropriate levels. We will learn how to respect fire, and discover what sort of warmth and joy it brings to humans.

July 11-15
The Soul of a Tree: We’ll study trees from roots to bark to limbs and leaves. We will find connection to our tree friends, and appreciate all the ways they provide for us.

July 18-22
Beauty of Wildflowers: let's go on wildflower walks, learn how to identify different species of flowers, and play with color through art, arranging, and nature appreciation.

August 1-5
Ephemeral Nature Art: we will create beautiful art in nature that is non-permanent. A lovely way to immerse into nature and create from what’s around us naturally!

August 8-13
Campfire Stories and Songs: We’ll retell stories and sing songs that have been passed down from different generations and have been loved by children throughout history.

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