While Folksy Scouts provides the majority of the tools and supplies needed for weekly lessons, we have curated a toolkit of supplies that scouts will learn to use and care for that will be needed throughout the year.  Their toolkits and knives will be safely stored at Folksy House in the Scout meeting room throughout the year so tools are available when needed.  Toolkits will be sent home at the conclusion of the year and will be reused from year to year.


With your $20 supply fee (paid during registration) we purchase your required toolkit items for your scout tax-free so we can keep the price down and you don't have to worry about it.

-Orienteering Compass

-Magnesium Ferro Rod and Emergency Whistle


-Supply kit storage box


Scouts learn to safely use and care for their scouts knife throughout the year.  The scouts knife is a one time purchase at the beginning of their first year with the program.  We purchase high quality knives that can be resharpened and used for a lifetime when cared for.  If this is your scout’s first year (or you need a replacement knife) this can be indicated on your scout’s registration form and you will be invoiced separately.