Folksy Uniforms

Folksy Scouts require a uniform for meetings and events. For weekly meetings, the Folksy Scout calendar will indicate if the casual t-shirt or formal uniform should be worn. Uniforms create a sense of unity, comradery, and bonding and are very important for the group as a whole.

Folksy Scouts is proud to work with a local maker for our custom uniforms.   We offer 3 formal uniform options and all options can be worn by any scout.  Dresses and pinafores are made from 100% linen, while Boilersuits are made from a stretch canvas.  

Dresses may be layered over a white long or short sleeve shirt or paired with a white cardigan, along with white tights or leggings and brown shoes.  Pinafores should be paired with a white collared shirt or the Folksy uniform shirt, along with white tights or leggings and brown shoes.  Boilersuits should be paired with brown boots and may be layered over a long sleeve white shirt.


Pinafore - $60

Dress - $65

Boilersuit - $70

Uniforms should be ordered at the time of registration.  Our seamstress has guaranteed that orders placed by September 1st will be completed and delivered by the first week of scouts.  Orders placed after September 1st will be made in the order they are received and will be guaranteed to be delivered by December 1st, however they may be completed sooner.

When choosing sizing for uniforms, please refer to size charts for measurements as custom clothing sizing may not directly align with the ready-to-wear size your child wears.  Please also be mindful of growth spurts during the year when ordering.  The linen dresses are a sheath style dress that allows for layering in cooler temperatures, however 100% linen does not stretch, so consider this when ordering.  

A limited number of gently used uniform dresses may be available through our Folksy Friends Facebook group’s Buy/Sell/Trade, however sizing and availability is not guaranteed.  Other uniform accessories such as shoes, hats and tights may be available as well.  You can find the B/S/T at Folksy Friends. If you are not already a member, you can request to join after you have completed registration.

Boilersuit Size Chart

Linen Dress & Pinafore Size Chart - Note: For sizes larger than 9-10, please provide ready to wear size along with chest, waist, hip and height measurements and our maker will custom fit the uniform piece.