Support Folksy


Treat a Teacher to a Coffee or Tea

$ 5.00 USD

Treat a teacher to a coffee break! Your donation will go right to the teacher specified.

One week of summer camp

$ 215.00 USD

Your donation will sponsor one week of summer camp for a child!

Bonus for a teacher

$ 50.00 USD

Our teachers are the heart and soul of this organization! We wish we could give them the world. Your donation will go straight to the teacher specified!

Donate to Folksy Supply Fund

$ 10.00 USD

Working with our hands and our hearts is what we do at Folksy...But it sure does take a lot of materials! Your donation to our supply fund helps us procure the materials needed to run our best programming. Wool roving, fabric, sewing materials, tools for gardening and learning survival skills, wood for carving and building fires, ingredients for from-scratch snacks and meals are just some of the supplies your donation will help us acquire.

Donate to our Scholarship Fund

$ 25.00 USD

At Folksy, we believe that all children, regardless of geographical location, upbringing, or socioeconomic background, deserve access to green spaces and an opportunity to develop the skills needed to build confidence and autonomy as they grow and develop within their communities. Here, children participate in a culture of resilience — resilience of mind and body, but also resilience of communities and the earth we share. Your donation to our scholarship fund helps make it possible for us to enroll children who might not otherwise be able to join us.

Donate to Tea and Cookie Fund

$ 10.00 USD

From scratch cooking is a foundation we value at Folksy. Your donation helps us procure ingredients for from-scratch snacks, meals and treats!

Donate to our Growth Fund

$ 25.00 USD

We have so many plans for growth, from offering free and affordable community outreach programs to owning and building on our own forested land. Consider supporting this effort and helping us grow!